January, 2013

January 26, 2013 – DevUnleashed

Windows 8 Unleashed Full Day of Hands On Programming, B.Y.O. Laptop! Windows 8 is the single biggest opportunity for developers EVER! Come to a “Windows 8 Unleashed” event to kick-start your Windows 8 Metro Style development.  “Windows 8 Unleashed” is a series of FREE events run by your local community friends and leaders, and are great whether you [...]

January 14, 2013 – Real-timeWeb Programming with SignalR

Abstract: Web programming has always been a one-way conversation; a client calls a server and the server sends a response. But what if you could go the other direction? What if your server could call your client directly? No more inefficient polling. No more waiting for the next server poll to get your data; the [...]