April 11, 2016 – How Docker simplifies continuous integration and continuous deployment

Gabriel Schenker

Gabriel Schenker


The introduction of Docker about 3 years ago has significantly changed the way we think about continuous integration and continuous deployment. Docker has made software containers accessible to everyone. Today it is very easy to package an application or service into a container including all its dependencies and configurations. Since a container is immutable and (nearly) completely opaque to the outside world it can be deployed to any target host, be it the laptop of a developer, the build server, an integration server, staging or production. Gone are the days where we used to hear “runs on my machine”. DevOps has become much simpler because of containers, because of Docker.It’s a paradigm change and can be rightfully compared to the revolution shipping containers caused in logistics.
In this lecture you will learn what a CI/CD pipeline used to look like and how Docker changed this picture. The presenter will also demonstrate how an ASP.NET core application can be packaged into a Docker container locally on the developer laptop and then once the code is pushed to GitHub, pulled, built, tested and pushed to to Docker hub by a CI server from where it can be deployed to any target environment.

About Gabriel

Gabriel is a former Chief Architect at Topaz Technologies and currently a Distinguished Software Architect at Clear Measure. He is author of books, video series, articles, blog posts and more. Gabriel is a passionate mentor and trainer. He has a PhD in Astrophysics and is also an ASP Insider. Gabriel loves to hike in the mountains, to dive in the ocean and to cook exotic dishes.

The talk will take place at Microsoft Austin office from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on 4/11/2016.