April 14, 2014 – SQL Server Optimization for Developers

Anil Desai

Anil Desai

Talk Summary

Database optimization is a critical component of overall application performance, and sub-optimal configurations can limit reliability, scalability, and the user experience. Unfortunately, many developers see database monitoring and optimization as a black art – something that’s better left to production and operations specialists. This presentation will focus on practical, real-world methods for monitoring and optimizing performance for SQL Server-based applications. Demonstrations will include understanding index types, capturing query data with SQL Profiler, analyzing indexes and using the Database Engine Tuning Advisor. In addition to live demos the content will focus on managing locking, managing schema changes, and application design best practices for developers.


Anil Desai is an independent consultant based in Austin, TX. He has over 15 years of experience in architecting, implementing, and managing IT software and datacenter solutions. He has worked extensively with IT management, development, and database technology. Anil holds many technical certifications and is a ten-time Microsoft MVP Award recipient (most recently for Microsoft Hyper-V).
Anil is the author of over 20 technical books focusing on the Windows Server platform, virtualization, databases, and IT management best practices. He is also a frequent contributor to IT publications and conferences. For more information, please see http://AnilDesai.net, or e-mail Anil@AnilDesai.net.


The talk will take place at Microsoft Austin office from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on 4/14/2014.

  • Nebyou

    I am new to this group and love to attend this meet up, how can I attend it, is there some registeration I need to do or am I welcome just to walk in on this date?

    • dimtruck

      Hi Nebyou, you can just show up! No registration required!

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  • https://ca.linkedin.com/in/eideliaseid Eid EID

    Hello, i’m new to this group and would like some referral. We’re a mid-size IT Services company, we have a client with an office in Austin. We need an independent Software Consultant with in depth experience in C#/ASP.Net/MVC/MS-SQL Server stack to work on enterprise SAAS application. Please email me if you can help or if you can refer someone who can.