April 8, 2013 – WebApi Design Quick Start

Ryan Vice

Ryan Vice

Session Topic

Web API Design Quick Start

This session will cover the basics of Web API but dig deeper and take attendees past basic CRUD operations on resources and dive into how to create a robust API using Web API. We will learn best practices for how to organize non-CRUD operations allowing for creating maintainable APIs that embrace the spirit of Web API and not just the semantics allowing for maximizing the ROI of the technology. We will also look at advanced topics like how to bridge the conventions gap that exists between Javascript and C#.



Ryan Vice is an independent consultant with 12 years of experience building enterprise solutions using Microsoft technologies. He’s an MSDN Moderator, has been Microsoft MVP for Connected Systems since 2010 and his first book, “MVVM Survival Guide” was published in November of 2012. His areas of focus are software quality, increasing developer productivity and architecture best practices.

The talk will take place at Microsoft Austin office from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on 4/8/2013.