August 13, 2012 – RavenDB

Alonso Robles

Alonso Robles


Over the past few years, several persistence solutions have emerged offering alternatives to the traditional RDBMS. RavenDB is one of these solutions. It is a document database build on .NET for .NET. It’s fast, easy to use, and feature rich. In this talk we will take a deep dive into the RavenDB indexes. We will discuss how they work, see how to define and learn use them. As this session is a deep dive, a basic understanding of RavenDB is assumed. You should be able to add RavenDB to your .NET project and perform basic store and query data operations using the RavenDB .NET client. By the end of the session, you will know the difference between dynamic and static indexes, understand index options, index hierarchical data, and more.

About Alonso Robles:

Alonso Robles started casually tinkering with programming in the late 80′s as a kid until the end of high school. In the late 90′s he spent a few years as a system administrator and a network engineer while working on this computer science degree. Upon the completion of his B.S., his career followed as he started professionally developing software with .NET. Following up with graduate studies in computer science, he began working as software consultant and now is a Principal Consultant at Headspring an Austin based complex system consulting and training firm. Alonso is very passionate about academics and relishes practical application of cutting edge computer science principles especially those involving machine learning and large data. Most recently, he has spent a significant amount of time learning about alternative data persistence technology (also known as NoSQL) and implementing it to solve real world data problems. Alonso is married and a father of three children. When not attacking bits with his keyboard, he enjoys trailering, lifting weights, and video games.


This month’s meeting will be held at BuildASign office. BuildASign also doubles as our sponsor for this month. The directions are here.