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September 12, 2016 – Agile: Beyond the basics

Abstract Agile makes a promise to deliver high-quality software faster and cheaper than other methods. This talk is about that promise. The true value of Agile only is apparent once all the practices are in place (yes, even the hard ones.) Agile gives strong metrics which allow teams to make actionable decisions. The results of [...]

August 8, 2016 – Common Pitfalls when Implementing Continuous Delivery

Description: Having implemented Continuous delivery numerous times, with many of the projects long-lived and both big and small, we know the common mistakes that are made time and time again when setting up a continuous delivery pipeline, doing software builds, and performing automated deployments. Many pitfalls are in areas that have been that way for [...]

July 11, 2016 – Automated Browser Testing From The Trenches

Abstract: Automated browser testing is historically difficult, buggy, fragile, and slow. If you have ever tried automated browser testing, or if you are currently on a project that uses automated browser testing, then you’ve likely experienced some of these pain points or others. Come learn how to craft automated browser tests that not only hurt [...]

June 13 – 2016 – Effective Code Reviews

Abstract Code reviews are a great way to build better quality software, help your developers hone their skills, and make a team happier and more productive. Implementing great code review culture takes effort and determination. This presentation offers some pointers to help run better code reviews. About Jane I am a software architect and developer, [...]

May 9, 2016 – MV*(Angular, React, Aurelia) frameworks – what’s the future and what’s the best for you? A detailed comparison

Abstract Take a noun. Add ‘JS’ to it and you probably have a framework that exists. Have you worked with JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React, Aurelia and other single page app frameworks? We’ll take a look at the source code, see what each one of them is good at, and what it’s not good at. [...]

April 11, 2016 – How Docker simplifies continuous integration and continuous deployment

Abstract The introduction of Docker about 3 years ago has significantly changed the way we think about continuous integration and continuous deployment. Docker has made software containers accessible to everyone. Today it is very easy to package an application or service into a container including all its dependencies and configurations. Since a container is immutable [...]

March 14, 2016 – Unit Testing

Abstract  Unit Testing is now considered a required skill for developers.  There are a ton of tools out there.  However, there’s nothing that shows you how to tie them all together to make your software fast, testable, and flexible.  This talk will go over my toolset: MSTest Moq – Mocking framework NCover – for coverage [...]

February 8, 2016 – Deploying .NET applications with Docker Swarm

Abstract Docker has permeated every development ecosystem, including .NET. With Microsoft also driving adoption of Docker, it’s a perfect time for us dig into its ecosystem and concepts.  We’ll explore Docker’s clustering technology called Docker Swarm.  We will briefly cover: basic image and container concepts networking security ecosystem (Compose, Machine, Kitematic, and Swarm) We will [...]

January 11, 2016 – DSL using Antlr and C#

Abstract Few technologies get more press than Domain Specific Languages. Often viewed as unapproachable, this presentation will demystify them. We will use Antlr to create a Lexer, Parser, and Abstract Syntax Tree for a small language we create from scratch. We will use CodeDom to generate C# code that runs it. The new language will [...]

December 14, 2015 – CSS positioning

Abstract: It’s minutes before you should be leaving work on a Friday afternoon but you can’t bring yourself to quit until you fix this UI bug. The label is over the text box and you know it should be a simply fix but, for some reason, nothing is working. You try display: inline. Nope. display:inline-block. [...]

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