January 9, 2012 talk – Application Development with HTML5

Brandon Satrom

Brandon Satrom

Our first talk of the year will feature Brandon Satrom on HTML5.  HTML5 is the biggest and most powerful HTML specification to ever come out of the W3C. Its roots come from a proposal to extend HTML4 to make it easier for web developers to create web applications. With more and more browsers supporting HTML5, ECMAScript 5 and other web standards, developers now have a strong web platform they can use to create a new class of application that is more powerful and interactive than ever before. What’s in HTML5 that lets us take our applications to the next level?

Brandon Satrom is a Developer Evangelist with Microsoft based in Austin, Texas. He has eleven years of industry experience, splitting his time evenly between consulting/service organizations and internal IT shops. A Software and Enterprise Architect, Brandon has worked on projects of all shapes for companies large and small, most recently using technologies such as WCF, WF, ASP.NET MVC with a healthy dose of OSS. Brandon is active in the Austin technology community, both as a participant in local user groups and as President of the IASA Austin chapter. He lives in Austin with his wife and son and blogs about software architecture and development at  http://www.userinexperience.com.

The talk will take place at  Microsoft Austin Office from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

UPDATE: Mitch Fincher was gracious enough to allow us to post photos he took during the presentation.  Please check them out below.