July 8, 2013 – Getting things done with dynamic ASP.NET MVC

Amir Rajan

Amir Rajan


As developers, we want to quickly create solutions that are easy to maintain. Amir Rajan will show you an approach to ASP.NET MVC development that really streamlines the development process without sacrificing maintainability. We are going to take an in-depth look at C# 4.0′s dynamic capabilities and how they can be leveraged to make lean data access layers, malleable domain entities and noiseless controllers. Amir will then show how to ensure these solutions stay maintainable using friction-less feedback loops and testing strategies.


Amir Rajan is an active member of the development community with recent appearances on .Net Rocks, Herding Code, and Hanselminutes.  He has done presentations on ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, REST Architectures, Ruby, Javascript/NodeJS, iOS, F#, WCF, and Silverlight/WP7. Amir is a true polyglot with an unwavering passion for software. He is always striving to better the industry through open source contributions, training, and blogging.

Twitter: @amirrajan