July 10, 2017 – VSTS and Octopus Deploy to Azure


Jeffrey Palermo

Jeffrey Palermo


In this lecture, you will learn the principles and practices in using a continuous delivery pipeline with the modern version of Octopus Deploy through Visual Studio Team Services. You will see how to stitch together VM environments with Octopus automated deployments in order to create a software environment that flies!

DevOps is a term representing the convergence of development and operations. Both the development and operations communities like to own the term, so it has accumulated multiple meanings. With the Agile Manifesto, developers have jettisoned annual software releases for processes that allow releasing software multiple times per day. To accomplish this, teams use rigorous suites of automated tests to ensure that every change to the software is a solid step forward rather than an accidental step backwards. Come see the tooling that makes this all possible for Microsoft-platform applications.


Jeffrey Palermo is the CEO of Clear Measure, a custom software engineering firm based in Austin, TX. Jeffrey has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP for 11 consecutive years and has spoken at national conferences. He is the author of several books, articles, and hundreds of pithy Twitter quips. He is a graduate of Texas A&M University and the Jack Welch Management Institute, an Eagle Scout, and an Iraq war veteran.

The talk will take place at Microsoft Austin office from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on 7/10/2017.

June 12, 2017 – Using MongoDB with .NET

Joseph Fluckiger

Joseph Fluckiger


What do MongoDB, Mars, Mythbusters, Michael Phelps, and Mass Spectrometers have in common? They are all a part of this informative talk about when and how to best use MongoDB from a .NET application.

We will answer these questions:

  • When is MongoDB the right fit for my application?
  • How does MongoDB performance compare with a relational databases?
  • What are the best MongoDB query patterns for my .NET Application?
  • I’ve heard that MongoDB is productive and easy by not reliable. How secure, reliable, compliant, scalable and performant is MongoDB?
  • I thought MongoDB was is for dynamic languages on a Linux stack. Does it work well on and Windows and with .NET?
  • I’ve heard that MongoDB clustering is hard to set up. Are there hosted service offerings that take care of this for me?

We’ll also talk about how ThermoFisher uses MongoDB to reduce scientific experiment times by an order of magnitude and some interesting applications that are making the world cleaner, safer and healthier.


Joseph is a Senior Software Architect at ThermoFisher Scientific leading efforts to build big-data Scientific workflows via the new ThermoFisher Cloud platform. Joseph has written software used to check for drugs in Michael Phelp’s pee, detect life on Mars, monitor signals from brain implants, broker trucking cargo transport, prioritize billion dollar private equity decisions, and even wrote software used by Mythbusters to check for rat urine on soda cans.

Joseph co-presented at AWS re:Invent 2016 with Mongo CTO Elliot Horowitz in 2016 and often presents at local developer and MongoDB user groups. He has a degree in Physics from Brigham Young University and a masters degree in Software Engineering from University of Texas at Austin. Joseph has been programming professionally for a couple of decades and for fun since his first Logo program on the Apple IIe. Joseph keeps busy in his free time mountain biking, teaching his 9 and 11 year old sons to program robots in Blockly, and singing along with his 4 year old daughter who has a Frozen obsession.

The talk will take place at Microsoft Austin office from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on 6/12/2017.

May 8, 2017 – What’s new in C# 7

Reaz Haq

Reaz Haq


Released just a few weeks ago (March 7, 2017, along with new version of VS), C# 7 brings some new and interesting features; like tuple, pattern matching, etc.  In this talk, I shall ‘show and tell’ some of these new features [with code examples], as well as few interesting ones that didn’t make the final cut.



  • Geek and Independent Consultant
  • ~20+ years

The talk will take place at Microsoft Austin office from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on 5/8/2017.

April 10, 2017 – How to Scale .NET Apps with Distributed Caching in Microsoft Azure


Your .NET applications may experience database or storage bottlenecks due to growth in data volume, session volume/length or size of objects. Learn how to remove bottlenecks and scale your .NET applications using distributed caching. This talk covers:

  • Quick overview of scalability bottlenecks in .NET applications
  • Description of distributed caching and how it solves response time issues
  • Where you can use distributed caching in your application(s)
  • Some important features in a distributed cache
  • Hands-on examples using a distributed cache in MS Azure

Iqbal Khan’s Profile:

Iqbal is Alachisoft’s President and Technology Evangelist. His Master’s of Computer Science from Indiana University, 25+ years of software architecture, design and development, plus deep business experience make him a great resource. He speaks frequently at .NET events including DevWeek London, TechDays France and VS Live! shows along with local .NET Code Camps and Meetups. He has written for MSDN magazine, CodeProject and Visual Studio Magazine.

The talk will take place at Microsoft Austin office from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on 4/10/2017.

May 15-18, 2017 – Rock YOUR Code

Rock YOUR Code in Austin this May with Visual Studio Live! VSLive!™ is bringing back its unique brand of practical, unbiased developer training to the deep heart of Texas. From May 15 – 18, we’re offering four days of sessions, workshops and networking events – all designed to help you elevate your code-writing abilities to write masterful applications across all platforms. Code with the best in .NET, listen intently to industry insiders and tune up on today’s hottest training topics!


Exclusive savings for Austin .NET User Group members: Register with priority code AUUG04 and save $500 off the standard rate of registration! More info: http://bit.ly/AUUG04home

March 13, 2017 – Building UWP apps on Xbox

Tony Champion

Tony Champion


With Windows 10, UWP developers can now deploy their apps to Xbox One and increase their user base. This session will take a look at what it takes to build apps for Xbox One, best practices, and discuss lessons learned from real world projects.
Tony Champion is a software architect with over 20 years of experience developing with Microsoft technologies. Tony is an active participant in the community as a Microsoft MVP, international speaker, published author, and blogger. He focuses on a wide range of technologies – from web solutions to native apps across platforms, including Windows, Xbox One, iOS, and Android. He can be found on his blog at tonychampion.net and on twitter @tonychampion.

The talk will take place at Microsoft Austin office from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on 3/13/2017.

February 13, 2017 – Typescript and Angular 2

Chander Dhall

Chander Dhall


Angular 2 is taking the lead. Are you running behind? In this two hour session of intense code and concepts, Chander will take you from a beginner level in Typescript to an advanced level in Angular 2. If you’ve been in his sessions, you know he’s authentic and has a lot of fun. To get the best out of the session, please install Visual Studio code or Webstorm and make sure you know how to transpile Typescript.

Chander Dhall is an awarded Microsoft MVP and world-renowned technology leader in architecting and implementing solutions. He’s not only rescued software development teams, but also implemented successful projects under tight deadlines and difficult business constraints. His company has a proven track record of not just saving the client millions of dollars, but also providing an expedited delivery time. Chander’s team of experts are internationally-acclaimed speakers in top technical conferences in the world. His clients use his team for a wide variety of services including, but not limited to, training, consulting and recruiting. His clients include Linkedin, Microsoft, Bank of America, Dell, Thomson Reuters, Match.com as well as many other startups, mid-size and large corporations.

As a Microsoft Azure Advisor, ASP.NET Insider, Web API Advisor, DocumentDB Advisor, and an MVP for Visual Studio and Development Technologies, Chander has insight into new releases on technologies used by millions of developers. His critical advice, impeccable vision, futuristic strategy backed with creating and establishing best practices in the industry are some of the reasons for his unparalleled success.

At the same time, he’s a voracious and highly-respected speaker. Chander is known to elucidate critical and complex concepts while making them easy to understand. He’s one man who can talk to anyone from a junior developer, a senior architect all the way to an executive and knows how to speak their language. He has utilized his amazing business sense having started a company with zero funding and turned it into a multi-million-dollar company in less than two years.

The talk will take place at Microsoft Austin office from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on 2/13/2017.

January 9, 2017 – Distributed Systems 101

Colin Pear

Colin Pear

Topic Description:

In the world of web applications, we sometimes run into terms like distributed computing, and distributed systems. But what does it mean to build software in a distributed fashion? What are the things you need to be aware of when writing code that communicates across processes, across networks, or even across the world? This presentation will seek to answer some of those questions by laying down some basic groundwork for developing Distributed Systems and exposing fundamental knowledge needed for working with the SOA and Microservices architectural styles.


Colin Pear is a Sr. Software Engineer currently employed at Clear Measure. Colin is a student of SOA and Distributed Systems. He is also a self-proclaimed evangelist for Particular Software and NServiceBus (self-proclaimed as in “not recognized” and “unauthorized” sort of like an outlaw…).

The talk will take place at Microsoft Austin office from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on 1/9/2017.

No december meeting

No December meeting! Happy holidays!

November 14, 2016 – “Fireball” – a CLR/.NET language

Kevin DiVincenzo

Kevin DiVincenzo


“Fireball” (https://github.com/antagonist112358/fireball) is a programming language project that aims to create a modern hybrid OOP/FP language targeting the CLR VM. Started as a side-project to enhance an existing (but obscure) .NET language called ‘Nemerle’, the project has grown into its own distinct language.

While many of the topics involved in creating a programming language could easily comprise their own talks (language design, compilers, code generation, lexing/parsing, ASTs, etc.), the focus of this talk will be on the “Fireball” programming language, and collecting feedback from a community of potential/(hopefully) future users.

Topics covered will include (not ordered):

  • Programming Languages
    • Modern languages
    • Why do we need / want another language?
    • Functional Programming
      • Benefits of Functional Programming
      • Benefits of hybrid approach (OOP + FP)
      • Meta-programming (beyond T4 templates and “System.Reflection.Emit”)
      • The ‘Fireball’ language
        • Project overview
        • Current features
        • Planned features
        • Possible features / future ideas
        • Scrap your boilerplate/patterns
        • Tools/Toolchain
        • How you can get involved
        • Feedback/QA

This will be the first public talk/demonstration of the project, and while there is still quite a bit of work to be done before any “0.1” release, the bootstrapping compiler is (almost) complete, and anyone interested is encouraged to experiment with the compiler.

About Kevin

Kevin Di Vincenzo is a self-taught software engineer, consultant, and technology enthusiast. He first started learning about writing code in the 7th grade with ‘QuickBasic’ and ‘C’. Although his formal education was in Physics and Applied Mathematics, he has dabbled in many facets of information technology – from databases, NoSQL/BigData, and dev-ops to message/event based systems, distributed computing, and language design. His “go-to” languages are ‘C#’ and ‘Scala’.

He is Functional Programming advocate, an Agile proponent (specifically ‘Extreme Programming’), and follows Erik Meijer and Marc Gravell (among others). He has worked for companies such as Samsung Electronics, General Electric, and Kent State University.

When he is not working on the ‘Fireball’ programming language or consulting, Kevin enjoys learning new technologies, reading science fiction, traveling, Unity3D, video games, and contemplating going back to school for his Ph.D. in Plasma Physics.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevindivincenzo

The talk will take place at Microsoft Austin office from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on 11/14/2016.

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