September 17, 2012 – Building and Consuming Hypermedia APIs

John Teague

John Teague


Hypermedia APIs is the name given to REST APIs that using hypermedia as a means of describing how REST Resources and Representations are related and accessed. We’ll talk about how to build an API that uses this approach and also how to consume them from the client perspective.

About John Teague:

John is the owner and principal consultant at Avenida Software.
He has been developing software for over 7 years. While having worked with .Net and ASP.Net since version 1.0, his focus has been on designing Object Oriented systems regardless of technology or frameworks involved. John worked with Fortune 500 companies and small 3 person start-ups in a variety of industries including e-commerce/retail, medical and financial.


This month’s meeting will be held at BuildASign office. The directions are here.